Challenges & Opportunities Transitioning to Renewable Energy

When we started Bithenergy in 2009, we were a market leader in developing and constructing solar energy solutions for government and commercial clients in the mid-Atlantic region. As our business grew and we started to develop and build profitable and successful solar energy projects in the northeast and mid-Atlantic markets our sights soon turned to markets in the Southeast. Not to be deterred by the perception of the “Good ole boy” network between the Southeastern based utility companies and the local and state politicians, we ventured into this new market. To our chagrin, we ran into a brick wall of resistance to change, racism, and restricted thinking on the matter of transitioning to non-carbon-based power generation systems.

This article, “Clean Energy Quest Pits Google Against Utilities,” accurately depicts the challenges and the opportunities this region faces as it considers transitioning to renewable energy-based power generation systems. With the Southeast being one of the country’s fastest-growing regions in America, it is imperative that corporations like Google, Meta, Microsoft, Apple, and others start using their economic and political weight to help overturn a system that current puts all power generation decisions in the hands of utilities like Georgia Power and others.

Our children and grandchildren are counting on us to get this right.

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