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Bithenergy solves complex energy challenges with innovation, bold vision, and expert attention to detail.

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Is your organization facing complex energy challenges? Bithenergy specializes in creating optimal solutions with innovative strategies. Bithenergy can help your company decrease energy consumption, build smart-grid infrastructure, develop renewable energy systems, update existing power storage, or navigate current legislation, policies, and energy incentives. Let us know how we can best serve you!

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Smart Energy Services

BithEnergy is a leader in the Smart Energy space, operating at the intersection of cloud data, analytics, and energy services. Our approach to Smart Energy services continues to evolve as we leverage new technology and an expanding data market to improve energy production and operational efficiencies for our clients.

BithEnergy is a Minority Business Enterprise and Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

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Bithenergy always thinks outside the box and we occasionally do our own research and share it with our clients and partners.


Bithenergy has innovation partnerships with government, government agencies, corporations and universities. We use this innovation to provide robust and cutting edge solutions to complex energy related problems.